In a Corridor

Much of the pandemic time has felt like living in a corridor. We allow others in and shut them out at a moment's notice.

The Things that Remain

Throughout the Covid times, our past selves feel like a lifetime ago, and here are The Things that Remain.


Juntos is about the collective power of individuals coming together to celebrate every triumph and recover from every failure.
13 dancers. 10 minutes 




When we are at the cusp of reaching our goals, we give it all and more.
20 dancers. 9 minutes 


​VESTIGES taps into the romantic undercurrent of missed connections present in the music, revealing a glimpse of what might be if people stopped to take each other in.
5 dancers. 7 minutes 

The Simple Things

Love is simple and time devours the simple things.
2 dancers. 6 minutes


Magnetism examines how the people in our lives serve as vehicles through which we make manifest our internal state. The piece explores how individuals draw in certain relationships and situations based on the state they are in.

Dividing Lines

Dividing lines explores how the American binary concept of race and sex robs individuals from a more expansive sense of identity.

X (Point of Intersection)

Dives into the web of human interaction. We are not separate entities but a compilation of the interactions and people in our sphere. 
4 dancers. 7 minutes.


Competition nurtures an unbreakable bond among peers. The rivalry breaks them apart as it cultivates more intimate relationships.
15 dancers. 16 minutes 


In-Flux explores the power struggles within a group dynamic showing how we are heavily influenced by our peers.
25 dancers. 6 minutes 


Explores the conflict of interest when a person asserts their individuality within a group. 
15 dancers. 10 minutes.