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Janice Rosario is a nationally recognized contemporary dance choreographer and educator. A native of Upper Manhattan, Janice studied at some of New York City's most elite institutions including Ballet Hispánico and The Alvin Ailey School. She is a graduate of Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts and Hunter College. 


Janice has been commissioned by numerous prestigious institutions throughout the United States including:  Alvin Ailey/Fordham University, Howard University, Grand Canyon University, Irvine Valley College, Sacred Heart University, Drexel University, Hunter College, The Martha Graham School, New York Dance Project, Steps on Broadway's Conservatory, Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts, the Dance Institute of Washington, the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden, Davidson High School, Passaic County Technical Institute, The Thacher School, the Joy of Motion Dance Center, Frank Sinatra High School for the Performing Arts, Fort Hamilton High School, Norte Maar's Counterpointe Series, Periapsis Music and Dance, La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival and the Battery Dance Festival.

​In addition to her choreographic endeavors, Janice is on faculty at The Alvin Ailey School. She has taught at Ballet Hispanico, Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts, Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway, Gibney Dance Center, New York Dance Project, Frank Sinatra High School for the Performing Arts, Fort Hamilton High School, Sacred Heart University, Grand Canyon University, Hunter College, Harvard University, High Tech High School, the American Youth Dance Theater, Irvine Valley College, the Contemporary Dance Festival in Tobago and the Joy of Motion Dance Center. 





Dancers torturing themselves alone in the studio misses the point that we are all in this together pushing each other forward and catching one another when we fall. Juntos is about the collective power of individuals coming together to celebrate every triumph and recover from every failure.
13 dancers. 10 minutes 


When we are at the cusp of reaching our goals, we give it all and more.
20 dancers. 9 minutes 

X (Point of Intersection)

Dives into the the web of human interaction. We are not separate entities but a compilation of the interactions and people in our sphere. 

4 dancers. 7 minutes.


Explores the conflict of interest when a person asserts their individuality within a group. 

15 dancers. 10 minutes.

The Simple Things

Love is simple and time devours the simple things.

2 dancers. 6 minutes 


In-Flux explores the power struggles within a group dynamic showing how we are heavily influenced by our peers.
25 dancers. 6 minutes 

With the Changes

The project explores how the way we relate to each other and ourselves is dictated by the changing of the seasons.
5 dancers. 23 minutes 


Competition nurtures an unbreakable bond among peers. The rivalry breaks them apart as it cultivates more intimate relationships.
15 dancers. 16 minutes 

Landscape follows a group of strangers as they hustle through an impersonal metropolis. An overarching theme unearths what lies beneath every seemingly "dog vs cat" encounter: the yearning for community. 
4 dancers. 22 minutes 

Featuring an art installation by
video artist Zander Padget.



​VESTIGES taps into the romantic undercurrent of missed connections present in the music, revealing a glimpse of what might be if people stopped to take each other in.
5 dancers. 7 minutes 

dividing lines

dividing lines explores how the American binary concept of race and sex robs individuals from a more expansive sense of identity. Diving into the complexity of the intersectionality of race and gender, it underscores how by letting go of these categories, one can find a better understanding of oneself and each other. 
6 dancers. 19 minutes 

Featuring an art installation by
architect Yuri Birchwood-Fuentes,
painter Jessica Weiss and
video artist Zander Padget.

spring is almost here

spring is almost here is an awakening of oneself. It explores the journey from a dark past into a driven and positive life.  
1 dancer. 5 minutes

Featuring an art installation by painter Jessica Weiss

and video artist Zander Padget.


Un-Becoming shows the forging of new identity by releasing preconceived notions.
1 dancer. 5 minutes


Filled with balletic invention and well developed motifs, VESTIGES pulsed with electrifying tension throughout. 
Huffington Post
An example of exciting dancing: dividing lines by Janice Rosario.
Huffington Post
Good architectural work with strong design elements.
Out and About NYC Magazine 
Rosario intersects ballet's pin-bright technique with the breathiness of modern: toes point but torsos arc and droop. Clarity meets weight, and the result expands the emotive possibilities of both.
Dance Enthusiast

Combined with Ms. Rosario's inventive use of the pointe shoe, this was the most fully realized piece of the evening. With its exploration of levels, use of hips, and a lovely lament that flowed seamlessly into an exciting scherzo section, the performance felt like a delicious meal.

Broadway World




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